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  • Fall Gardening Checklist - A lot of gardeners see Fall as a time to start putting their gardens to rest. However, Autumn is the perfect time for assessing, designing, and improving your gardens. Consider your landscaping. Fall is also a great time to perform grounds and tool maintenance.
  • Garden Design Plans Books - I have a passion for garden and landscaping books. Even if I never look at them or read them. I just like having them. You know...just in case I need some inspiration. Here are a few of the latest and best that I've added to my collection.
  • Garden Design and Plans - For the folks that are totally horticulturally challenged. And for those who simply don't want to put the time and study into creating a planting scheme, there are some design aids that may be helpful. Kind of a design in a box sort of thing.
  • Hardening Off - Preparing Young Plants For Outdoors - Whether you start your own seedlings indoors or buy them at the garden center, it's good practice to spend two or three weeks getting the tender plants ready for the outdoors. This is known as "Hardening Off".
  • Successful Mulching Practices - A covering of mulch will also eliminate weed growth and reduce the amount of tedious hours spent weeding to a minimum thus allowing you to enjoy your garden- safe in the knowledge that you have done something that will benefit the environment.
  • Planning Next Years Garden - A good garden, like any long-term project, begins with proper planning. Consider what you want, why you want it, and how each plant will fare in its location. Spend time looking at your garden site, during its thriving months when you can easily spot what is working well and what is not, but also during the off-season.
  • Planning Next Years Garden Part 2 - You've started to plan your next garden in terms of needs and desires, your budget, and amount of time you have to devote, and created a preliminary garden design. What comes next?
  • How To Make Hydrangeas Turn Pink - In acid soils, Aluminum becomes accessible and uptake into the plants increases. The Aluminum is what gives Hydrangeas their blue color. We'll take a look at a technique that some gardeners use to change their Hydrangeas from blue to pink by altering the ph of the soil.
  • Spring Tree Planting Tips - Fall (Autumn) is generally the best time to plant B&B trees due to both the condition of the soil and the dormant state of the tree. Springtime is the second best time.
  • Attracting Birds To The Winter Garden - Throughout the spring and summer, we are treated to the melodious songs and chattering conversations of a variety of birds in our trees and shrubs. As summer turns to autumn, then autumn to winter, the songs die down and the conversations are less frequent. Is there a way to keep the birds around during the winter too? You bet!



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