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For the folks that are totally horticulturally challenged. And for those who simply don't want to put the time and study into creating a planting scheme, there are some design aids that may be helpful. Kind of a design in a box sort of thing.

From a designers point of view, the only downside to these plans is not getting the knowledge from creating your own plan. It's like that saying "give someone a fish and they'll eat today or teach them to fish and they'll feed themselves". From a do it yourselfer point of view - Just give me the easiest and fastest way.

Either way , I'd give them a pretty high mark as a resource that will save you a lot of time and frustration. If you should want to know at least a little about plants and placement, you can learn a lot from my own Planting Ideas and theory.

Pre planned gardens aren't a new thing. I've seen them around for a while but I never considered them for any my own designs.

Our first experience with them was through a client who created her own design and wanted us to put it to the ground. I thought her landscape design was pretty cool and was also impressed that she had her entire planting scheme figured out. That part rarely happens.

The plants were good quality and healthy. I'm not use to planting plants that aren't somewhat more mature than these. But I guess as far as mail order plants which I knew little about, they were actually good size. And as I also figure, that's not their selling point. The point is that it was easy to figure out and do it yourself.

If you choose to look into these for your Design plans, you can get a little more mileage and economy from them if you "stretch them out a bit".

The plants that come in these packages are perennials that are regionalized for each individual area. Your area. This means they will seed or divide. Which means that you'll end up with more free plants that will fill in more area.

Instead of using the plans in the square footage that the vendor recommends, spread them out a little more. The plant choices in these packages are created to compliment and accent each other. So it doesn't matter if they're all on top of each other or spread throughout the landscape. Spread out, they'll actually help create the balance and unity that you may be looking for.

Don't feel that you have to use them throughout your entire landscape. That could get expensive. You can use one or two plans to create the framework and unity of your design. With that in place, you then have the freedom to experiment with other stuff you get locally without losing balance and unity. And like I stated earlier, you'll have more free plants next season that will fill more space.

Other than the size of the plants when they arrived, I think they're a great idea for a lot of applications. They can be used for single areas, to simply spruce things up, or entire landscapes.

You can experiment for your own planting schemes, area, and ideas. I think it would be difficult to mess this kind of thing up too bad.

I hope this helps.


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