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I sell a lot of landscape fabric from the site. It’s actually the only product that I do sell online and it’s more of a service than a money making thing because after shipping there’s really not any profit at all. There have even been a few times that it cost me out of my pocket to send it.

If you want some for your project, you can get it at this link: Professional Landscaping Fabric .  Anyway…..

I often get a lot of pre-sales questions about the fabric before someone makes a purchase. I thought I would share this one with you because it is a unique situation that this client is going to use the weed barrier for. It’s a very good question and actually something you should know before you purchase any brand of material. 

Here’s the question:

If I buy a good landscaping fabric like you describe in your website why would the sun damage it? I am not being disagreeable, I honestly do not know why or how and I would like to learn more.

 I would like to use landscaping fabric in my vegetable garden, but I do not want to use mulch in my vegetable garden. If I remove the landscaping fabric every fall how long do you think it would last then? I would love to have any ideas you have on this topic. Thank you sincerely.

NOTE: The reason she asks this question is because on the sales page I recommend that you keep the material covered with mulch or rock to protect it from the rays of the sun.

Here’s the answer:

Hi (name withheld),

The suns rays can destroy almost anything. Our skin, plastics, rubber, paint, and you name it. Our fabric has a UV rating of 5 years if left in direct sun. But it will last indefinitely if covered.

I can’t say for sure and I won’t make any guarantees but it would seem as though it could last seven to ten years in the method you propose. Maybe even longer. I really don’t know of anything to recommend that would withstand the rays of the sun.

Another thing to consider is that our fabric is a dark gray. Therefor it attracts heat and would heat the soil and roots. Too much heat is not good around plants or the soil around their roots.  Please let me know if I can be of any more help. Steve Boulden
S&S Designed Landscaping, LLC

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