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Being a do it yourselfer trying to save money, there are areas that you can cut a few corners to try and save a few bucks. For instance, buying plants in 4 inch pots or flats instead of one and five gallon sizes. And not to mention, doing the work yourself.

However, there are areas where cutting corners will actually cost you more money in the long run. Doing it yourself also means doing it smart.

I can’t stress enough the importance of using a quality landscaping fabric in your projects. The following email question is a perfect example of what I mean.


Could you take a moment to answer this question?

I had my yard landscaped last year and the landscaper used a grey fabric where weeds and grass keep coming through. He put down a 3/4 inch rock on top of the fabric.

Is it the size of the rock that is letting sunlight through? It is at least 3 inches of rock. How could this have been prevented?


And I replied:


Are the weeds actually coming through the fabric or are they growing on top of the fabric?

A lot of times, blown in seed will take root in your ground cover. There’s absolutely nothing we can do about that except round up or pulling them.

However, if weeds and grass are coming up through the fabric itself, your landscaper used an inferior product. Three inches of 3/4 is plenty to protect from sunlight.

It would be at your discretion to pursue the matter on a warranty basis. However, if you choose to leave it be and handle the matter yourself, here’s a piece of advice.

If the weeds and grass are coming through the landscape fabric, you should poison them rather than pull them. Pulling them just makes the holes that the weeds are coming through bigger.

I am sorry for your situation but it is a common one when folks cut corners and use inferior products.

Steve Boulden
S&S Designed Landscaping, LLC

While I haven’t got a reply back from this visitor, I will almost bet that the weeds are growing through the fabric. I learned the hard way and had it happen to me several times where I had to go back and re-do a project.

Now while this may seem to be a shameless plug, it’s not. I will gladly ship you some of the best fabric on the market. And yes, it will cost you a little more than the stuff you can usually get locally. But it will be cheaper in the long run. See my page at:

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