Yes, Green Is A Color

Color is probably the most powerful design factor in garden design. And plants are generally the easiest and most dominant element where color and contrast can be achieved.

However, for many gardeners and landscapers in their quest for the perfect color combinations, there is another side to plants that is often overlooked. And that would be the contrast of the many wonderful and varied textures of plants.

And I couldn’t think of a better example to display contrasting textures than with the many types of green plants. And yes, green is a color.

I was reminded the other day as I spoke with a client of how many people actually overlook green as being a color design element in garden design.

As we talked about her design I pointed out that we now had four colors in her plan and that we needed to repeat them throughout the design to create some balance. She questionably stated that we only had three colors. At first I was puzzled but soon realized what she meant. Green isn’t really a color. It’s just the medium that holds the colored parts in place.

Now if we looked at green as just being green I might be able to go along with this. However, I see it in a much different way. There are many shades of green that hold many different textures that can create such wonderful contrasts.

Some of the most vibrant and lush gardens I’ve ever seen have simply displayed this one color in many variations. My most memorable thought is that of shady gardens that resemble a deep forest or jungle.

Try and picture the lushness and beauty of a dark jungle. Their beauty and contrast are generally created by the variations of texture and not bright colors.

Keep this in mind when planning your next garden. Just as one example, a mixture of Hostas, Ferns, and ornamental grasses can create a very memorable and eye catching display using the color green.

Yes….., green is a color.

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