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Before you spend your money – While the other guys are making a fortune on this, The Landscape Design Site will still be giving it away for free.

I’ve recently noticed a few sites popping up here and there that are selling memberships and collections of landscaping pictures and ideas for anywhere from $20.00 to $50.00 a shot. That’s o.k. for them but it’s not o.k. for you – the do it yourselfer that’s trying to save money.

So, in keeping with what the landscape design site has always been about, here’s what I’m about to do.

If you’ve visited my own landscaping pictures gallery and my landscaping ideas gallery, you know that it’s a pretty good resource already. However, not only will I be expanding these, but I’m also going to create a gallery just like the other guys are doing. Except for one thing. Mine will remain free.

I’ve located several sources where I think these people are getting their pictures. And believe it or not, they’re way cheap. Cheap enough that I’ll be able to give them away and not feel it. There is no major thousands of dollars involved in it.

I have nothing against folks making money. But I started this site to help people get it done themselves and not have to spend any money doing it. And since these other sites have opened my eyes to this resource you should have for free, I’m going to make it available to you.

I’m currently learning Dreamweaver which is a site building software that will make it much easier. So it’s still going to be a few weeks. I know some of you can’t wait. But for those of you that can, I look forward to doing this for you.


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