Creating Landscaping Plans

Coming up with a detailed creative landscaping plan can be difficult. So I’ve been adding a lot of new landscape design information to the site that would address the task of actually creating a plan from scratch.

One of the pages I’ve created is a detailed step by step guide for creating landscaping plans from either a plat map, design sketch, or from scratch. It will help you to plan, draw, visualize, and put your design on paper or computer. 

Another directory that will give you ideas, help you visualize, and see how plans are created is the directory of over 120 landscaping plans and designs. These are actual designs and sketches from professional designers and design firms both online and off.

These directories and pages are in addition to some of the better planning directories that I’ve already created such as the free landscaping ideas directory of my own designs and plans and how they were created. This is a great resource that many folks refer back to often.

And last but surely not least is one of the most popular planning pages on the site. The free landscaping pictures directory is growing daily as I’ve added hundreds of pictures to it in the last few weeks. I have hundreds of plans and photos still to edit and add to the directory as I find time.

On another note, you can also get some good information and ideas from the wikipedia landscaping planning page. While it’s not detailed designs and plans, it is some good reading and information.

I’ll let you know as I add more stuff to the site. Talk soon.

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