The New Landscaping Ideas Picture Gallery

Just to let you know. The new landscaping ideas and picture gallery pages are finally up. It’s far from being done but I did get it to a point that I feel comfortable about posing it. I’ll be adding more daily.

There are two pages up so far. The main page at Landscaping ideas and pictures is the main directory page where you can access all of the ideas and picture categories.

The first secondary page and one with the most pictures so far is the front yard landscaping ideas page. Actually there are 8 pages to this part of the directory with around 200 pictures.

The next page in the directory is a wonderful picture gallery of ponds and water gardens. I believe there are a total of 96 photos in this part of the directory.

Lastly and surely to be one of the largest parts of the gallery is the directory of garden path and walkway ideas. I believe there are at least 100 picture ideas so far and hundreds waiting for me to edit and upload.

Not much else to say about it. I’ll be adding around 175 new images to it a week. So it should grow fairly fast.

Oh ya. It’s all free. Enjoy!

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