Landscaping Around Swimming Pools

Landscaping around a swimming pool often involves hiding the mechanics such as the pump and filter. Not just from sight but also from sound. And while it’s helpful to try and hide, cover, or blend the pool mechanics into the rest of your landscaping ideas, you need to design so that there is some air flow around the pump to keep it cool.

The method we use most often to do this is by creating a lattice work. It can either be three sided or four sided with gate hinges. It doesn’t matter as the lattice allows air flow around the swimming pool pump.

We then plant evergreen or semi-evergreen vines or climbers such as Lady Banks Rose at the base of each side. The evergreen not only adds color in all seasons to the swimming pool landscaping but also keeps the mess down from falling leaves. 

When we build a lattice work we always build it in an inset two by four frame. Simply nailing lattice to posts or boards won’t last two seasons.


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