Landscaping For Curb Appeal

Generally, when folks are concerned with the curb appeal of their home it’s because they’re planning on selling their home now or in the near future. However, as professional designers, this is something we consider everytime we start to design a landscaping project.

In most projects we take on, the majority of cost goes to landscaping the backyard as it is where most people spend most of their time. Landscaping the front yard is important but generally focuses on access, parking, framing the home, or hiding unsightly elements. And while it is beautiful, it’s usually minimal as far as cost.

Another consideration for the front yard is seasonal interest which can be hard to get in some areas like where we are in the desert. One of my favorite designs that is a great example of extended seasonal interest is located at curb appeal landscaping. It’s a neat design using hardscape elements to make the front yard look good in all seasons.

Another great resource on our site filled with picture ideas for front yard landscapes is located at landscaping for curb appeal.

Recently I came across a resource created by a guy who makes his living out of helping people sell their houses. So he has a lot of quick and easy landscaping ideas for front yards. I even got a free landscape design software program out of the deal.

While the software program is a bonus to the ebook, I’m not going to give it a whole lot of glory. Don’t get me wrong. It is as good as most consumer brand software and it will be helpful for visualizing your project, but it’s surely not the selling point of this guys product.

The information in the ebook however, is worth the small price he asks. Sometimes I’m still amazed that with even as much as I do know about landscaping, how many new ideas I can get from other designers and resources. You can get your copy at front yard landscape design book.

The curb appeal of your home is very important to make your home inviting, beautiful, safe, and accessible. It’s especially important that your front yard landscaping be in top shape if you’re planning on selling your home.

I hope this helps.

Landscaping For Curb Appeal 

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