Landscaping Doesn’t Slow Down For Winter

While landscaping is farthest from most peoples minds this time of year, little companies like ours are still trying to catch up on pending projects. The designs are done, folks are waiting on us, and it would be kinda nice to not think about it myself.

In the shadow of all our design work, I believe I only put out one newsletter all year. I’ve always been behind on it but not quite this bad. Wish I had a better excuse.

Now, I haven’t been totally away from creating more do it yourself resources. I mentioned a new project that I was working on in my last (yearly) newsletter. We started it in February and just finished making it a workable site. The rest of the finishing touches will be on it by the first of the year. It is promising to be a assett to the do it yourself landscaping community.

Until then, we’ll get through the Holidays and try to finish up a few of these projects before the Spring rush.

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