Landscaping On A Slope – Hillside Landscaping A Sloped Yard

Landscaping on a slope or hillside usually needs attention to drainage, runoff, planting space issues, and creating usable areas. One of the most common methods of landscaping a sloped yard which addresses all of these issues is terracing.

This video looks at a design that we created for a circular driveway on a slope. We used simple terracing with retaining wall blocks to fix drainage issues, create planting areas, and to unify the entire landscaping and garden design project. You should get some good ideas from it.

While the main design focus for this plan is for a circular driveway, landscaping a slope, and xeriscaping, the ideas can be applied to other design styles.

The planting ideas in this design are of a xeriscaping Southwest design nature. The plants are the dominating factor that gives this design a Southwest style and flavor. Simply changing the plants could change the entre feel and atmosphere of the design. So feel free to change any of this to fit your area or needs.

Pre-fab retaining wall block walls are an inexpensive do it yourself project. A landscape design project like this is very do-able for the average homeowner. You can also take specific landscape design ideas from this plan and fabricate ideas to fit your own landscape.

This is a very clean simple design that you can get a lot of ideas from. However, for even more ideas for sloped or hillside landscaping, see landscaping on a slope. There you’ll find a lot more examples of sloped, terraced, and hillside landscaping ideas from various professional landscape designers.

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