Decorative Concrete Ideas

Decorative Concrete Engraving

Image by Engrave-A-Crete via Flickr

In the past few years, decorative concrete ideas in the form of stamped, stained, etched, stenciled, engraved, and other methods, has become the standard instead of the exception. And as decorative pours become more common as an element in most landscaping ideas, they will become more affordable.

Because of some of the preparation and application methods, it will most probably always cost more than plain gray concrete. However, within a few years, it should be within reach of most budgets.

There are quite a few decorative concrete projects and applications that can be considered as do it yourself projects. Some really are quite simple ideas. However, some applications that require special finishing tools, stamps, materials and large jobs will probably be best left to professionals.

For the home owner and do it yourselfer, stamping and staining concrete may be difficult in some areas as you would have to rent or borrow stamps and tools. It’s not practical to buy a set for one or two projects. Our own quality stamp sets cost an average of $2000.00 a set.

Introduction To Decorative Concrete

How To Do Decorative Concrete IdeasSo exactly what kind of things can you do with concrete to decorate your landscaping?

Take a look at this page of how to do decorative concrete ideas. This incredible list of portfolios, pictures, how to do it yourself instructions, and plans is sure to  inspire some ideas of your own.

Even with all this, most folks don’t have a clue of what you can do with concrete. The list is practically endless and only limited by your imagination.

  • Faux Flagstone
  • Real Looking Brick Patterns
  • Faux Slate And Shale Tile
  • Patterns, Murals, and Pictures
  • Real Looking Marble
  • Wood Grain Patterns
  • More…….

Ideas Pictures

Pictures directory of decorative concrete ideasTo help you get some ideas and introduction to stamped, stained, etched, stenciled, engraved concrete, I’ve added a good list of some of the better ideas and how to Concrete Ideas Pictures in this small directory.




Concrete Decorating Videos

Watching these how to stamp concrete videos, you’ll see how simple some of the projects are. If you’re looking for a cost effective way to transform an existing landscape or make a new landscaping project stand out, decorative concrete should go on your consideration list. Again, in the future you can expect to see this become the norm for concrete instead of the exception.

I hope you enjoy and get some ideas from the new gallery.

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