Going Green

August 6, 2009

Ideas, tips, and advice for going green and being environmentally responsible Going green tips and ideas. There are literally thousands of green living practices that can be applied to our daily lives. Do a search for anything green and the results are overwhelming. You’ll see things like “how to build a wind generator” or “how [...]

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Going Green Gardening Advice Ideas

July 9, 2009

Considering my line of work, it’s hard to admit that I haven’t quite caught on to the going green ideas of a sustainable living lifestyle. Too busy or simply just not concerned enough to be environmentally responsible? Oh, I don’t know. Still, I don’t think anyone has a valid excuse for not doing their part [...]

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Desert Landscape Design

June 23, 2009

While ideas for desert landscaping are often thought of as being the same as xeriscaping, it isn’t necessarily always true. Xeriscaping is actually a set of principles and methods for creating water wise landscapes and gardens regardless of style. Still, when a client tells me they want a xeriscape design, most times they really mean [...]

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