Water Trees And Shrubs In The Winter

December 3, 2008

Every Fall, I get asked the same question many times. “Should I water my plants and lawn during the Winter and if so, how much?”. Yes, you should water in the Winter. How much depends on how much natural moisture you get during the season. The following article by Woods Houghton of the Eddy County [...]

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Decorative Concrete Ideas

November 19, 2008

In the past few years, decorative concrete ideas in the form of stamped, stained, etched, stenciled, engraved, and other methods, has become the standard instead of the exception. And as decorative pours become more common as an element in most landscaping ideas, they will become more affordable. Because of some of the preparation and application [...]

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Brown Recluse Spiders

November 12, 2008

About Brown Recluses Article By Woods Houghton It is that time of the year when we pull out winter clothes from storage or the back of the closet. Make sure you shake them out and invert the sleeves just in case a critter has taken up residence while it was stored. We have large diverse [...]

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