Pocket Gopher Control

November 7, 2008

POCKET GOPHER CONTROL Article By Woods Houghton Do you have mysterious mounds showing up in your yard? Are you trees looking bad, and grass turning brown nearby. Are the holes in the mound plugged or open? If the holes are plugged you may have pocket gophers. Pocket gophers are burrowing rodents, which live almost entirely [...]

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Tiger Moth Caterpillars | Wooly Bears

October 29, 2008

WHAT ARE THOSE WOOLY THINGS? It’s interesting that this article came out when it did as yesterday I was noticing and thinking “why are there so many of these fuzzy caterpillars everywhere?”. Maybe they’ve always been this many this time of year but I’ve never noticed. Anyway, as Woods Houghton points out in the following [...]

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Winter Lawn Weeds | Fall Weed Seed Germination

October 22, 2008

Among all the other Fall and Winter gardening tasks we’ve been discussing here in the blog, we can include treating and eliminating Winter weeds from our lawns and gardens. While it may require you to drag the lawn mower out one more time, you can also add pre-emergents, and post-emergents to your weeding plan. In [...]

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