Courtyard Garden Design Ideas

Planning Ideas, Landscaping, And Planting Interior Courtyards

Creative landsacping and planting ideas for courtyards are usually designed with the idea of bringing some of the interior of your home outside or bringing a bit of the outdoors into the house as another room.

Either way you look at it, a small courtyard garden or patio can be one of the the most intimate, private and most interesting areas in the home, front entry, or outside landscaping.

Courtyard designs in their most basic concept are enclosed, open air patios or garden ideas surrounded by walls (usually tall) for privacy and protection of the elements. And generally they're either a front entry, attached to a wall that leads into the home, or the garden will be in the interior of the house.

Pictures And Plans

Four pages of courtyard pictures, ideas for designs, and plan layouts for you to look at for inspiration. Mix and match designs, plans, and planting schemes to create the perfect front door entry, small courtyard garden, or patio. And beyond the basics of planting, flooring, container plants, and hardscapes, pay attention to the way the vertical space (walls) is decorated.


courtyard ideas
Courtyard Ideas
courtyard designs
Courtyard Designs
courtyard gardens
Courtyard Gardens
courtyard landscaping
Courtyard Landscaping

Other Design Considerations

  1. Drainage - This is a big one that is often not considered until the water is coming into the house. See courtyard drainage for an example of how we created drainage in one eclosed patio garden.
  2. Planting Ideas - While planting ideas for courtyards and patios may follow along the lines of small gardens, basic planting ideas and guidelines for landscaping and garden will give you a lot to go on as well.

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