Decorative Concrete
Stamped - Stained - Engraved - Stenciled

Ideas for decorative concrete and stamped or stained patios, driveways, curbs, and sidewalks .

The days of plain gray concrete are numbered. As more decorative methods of using it are perfected for stamped, stained, etched, and stenciled driveways, patios, porches, decks, and sidewalks, it becomes within the reach of do it yourself landscaping projects.

Compared to the design and decorative value to the home, the cost difference with plain gray concrete should no longer be a deciding factor. There really is no reason to use plain gray concrete rather than stamped or stained anymore. Whether you plan to tackle it yourself or use a concrete contractor, matter of preference will most probably be the main deciding factor.

Decorating Concrete Ideas

Decorative Concrete Ideas
Hundreds of pictures of stamped, acid stained, etched, stenciled, and over laid concrete. View portfolios of some of the most talented contractors, designers, and craftsmen.
decorative concrete ideas
Patio Designs
While some of the patios in this directory are not concrete, they will still be inspirational for getting ideas of what you can do with decorative concrete.
patio designs

How To Do It Yourself Techniques And Methods

How To Stain Concrete
Videos of techniques and methods and how to instructions to decorate concrete with acid stains.

How To Stamp Concrete
Videos, pictures, instructions, and ideas on how to stamp concrete like the professional contractors do.

How To Stencil Concrete
Instructional videos, pictures, and ideas on how to stencil concrete like professional contractors.

How To engrave Concrete
Instructional videos, pictures, and ideas on engraving concrete. Techniques and methods on how to engrave concrete.

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