Circular Driveway Design Ideas

Circular driveway island beds usually serve as a focal point area. It's the first thing people see when passing by or pulling into your drive. And because they're separated from the rest of the yard and landscape, circular driveways in general can be difficult to design. So as just good practice and to make decisions simpler, create the area with the same elements as the home and rest of the yard.

It's important to give extra consideration to garden plant selection for these areas. You want the area to frame and accent the home but you should also decide how tall and dense the plants should be. It's good to know what your plants are going to do in five or ten years. Ideas for the front yard should give extra consideration into plant selection, height, form, and area at maturity.

As I stated earlier, it may help in the design process to use elements that match the home to help tie it into the rest of the landscape as we did in this Circular Xeriscape Driveway Design and this Small Circular Island Drive Design.

You can get more in depth details about these designs and many others at - Free Landscape Design Ideas. All the landscaping ideas in that gallery are free to get ideas from for your own projects.

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