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Building your own deck can be a little more advanced landscaping project. But that's not to say that a determined do it yourselfer can't get it done with the help of a few friends. There are several complete free plans on this page that will lead you step by step through constructing your own deck.

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First time do it yourself deck designs and Planning ideas are usually limited by their creators. They're big projects and most folks are intimidated by the detail and power tools so they pick or create easier and less detailed plans.

Listen, my advice for all landscaping, garden, and landscape design projects is to design and create what you want from the very beginning. Create a landscaping plan with everything you want in it, and no matter how long it takes you, build it. Don't take any short cuts. You'll be glad you did it that way whether you're just building a deck or an entire landscape.

The most common placement of decks is usually attached to the home or for planting around above ground swimming pools. I have seen a few free standing deck designs and some as extensions of patios that looked very nice in the design. Since they're created as usable functional elements, they're generally placed in areas of entertaining or high use.

A very important factor to think about when setting up your deck is the elements. Decks placed in most backyard landscaping ideas are generally protected from high winds due to fences and other privacy elements. Another major consideration would be trees, shade issues, and cleaning up bird droppings.


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