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Gazing Balls

To many, the gazing globe seems to be a farly new piece of garden decor. In truth, gazing balls have a history dating back to gardens in the 13th century. And depending on its use, has been called many different names. The Garden Ball, Gazing Globe, and Garden Globe are all names we use today. Throughout history it's been called a Witch Ball, Butler Globe, Globe of Happiness, and Victorian Ball.

The ball also carries with it a few legends. It was said to bring happiness, good luck and prosperity to anyone who owned it. That's a good enough reason to own one. The globe was also said to ward off evil spirits, misfortune, illness, and also witches! There a different versions as to how it keeps witches away.

Some say the ball should be placed near the entrance of the house so that if a witch came to your house, she would not be able to get past her reflection. Witches can't break away from thier own image. There are other stories that say a witch cannot bear to see her own reflection so she will not come near a "witch's ball". A witch also can't sneak up on a person gazing into a globe as he can see if a witch approaches from behind.

The gazing globe had practical purposes as well. In Victorian times, the "Butler Ball" served as a mirror for servants to see when guests were needing assistance without staring at them throughout the meal. Another practical use was in the foyer of the home. Parents could keep a close eye on their daughter and her date as he bid her goodnight.

Today, the gazing ball is used as an enhancement to the garden and landscaping. The reflective ball lets you see the whole garden, including the sky, in one glance. A group of different colored balls peeking out from between shrubs gives a whimsical appeal to the garden. It is a simple but elegant piece of garden decor that fits well in almost any application.

Gazing Globes


Gazing Balls

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