DIY Landscape Fabric

You'll discover that there's a lot of argument on the subject of landscape weed fabric. Some claim they work, some say they're a waste of money, and some will offer alternate methods of preventing and stopping weeds.

First, I believe most people expect more than what's realistic from the product. They buy the cheap stuff, place it in their landscape planning, and then expect an absolute maintenance free landscape. However, there is no such thing as a no maintenance landscape.

Even if you use a great professional product that truly stops weeds, aggressive weeds and grasses will find their way to sunlight through any crack, opening, or edge. And blown in seed will take root in your ground cover on top of the fabric. So even with a good product you'll still have some maintenance. Just not as much.

Other than just total concrete or sterilizing the ground, all landscaping requires maintenance to some extent. Tools like landscaping fabric and weed barrier simply make it less and easier.

The only product I can suggest is what I use myself and know that works for me. I must admit that it has been costly trying to find a product that actually works because most of these products are junk. We've created a lot of landscape and garden designs with a lot of different brands that claim to be professional and #1 at weed prevention only to warranty the work in a short time. And that means in less than 2 years.

While there are hundreds of brands of landscape fabrics to choose from, there's only one type of weed barrier that we've stayed with over the years. We use a 3 oz. Professional Landscape Fabric that saves us a lot of work and money in the long run. Other landscaping companies may choose to cut corners by using a cheaper material. We just ain't gonna do it.

You owe it to yourself to investigate and educate yourself on this subject before you make a major purchase or begin your project.

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Landscape Fabric

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