Landscaping And Garden Plants

Making sure you pick the right landscaping and garden plants can be one of the most frustrating and intimidating steps to creating your own garden or landscape. Other than the shape and style of designs, it is where most folks have the most trouble.

There are several pages on this site that deal with how to grow, choose, and use the right plants in your garden or landscaping.

Proper Plant Selection
Simple guidelines for planting selection, color combinations, designing, landscaping, and gardening with plants.

How To Grow And Propagate Plants
Growing your own landscaping plants is fun, easy, and economical if you have the patience to wait for a mature landscape. Discover how to grow and propagate plants by seed, cuttings, grafting, dividing, layering, tissue culture, and cloning.

Plant Encyclopedia
What is the best plant encyclopedia for you?

Regional Gardening
Plant guides specifically for your area.

Plant Databases
Online plant encyclopedias and databases. Look up practically any plant and a whole world of other information.


Plant Selection

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