Xeriscaping (zee-ri-scaping)
Not Zero Scaping

Principles And Design Ideas

First let's understand that xeriscaping is a landscaping method and not actually a design style. Of course, due to the nature of xeriscape gardens, there are several design styles that go hand in hand with the methods used.

The methods of Xeriscaping (not zeroscaping) can be better understood as "Water Wise Gardening". The practice has become quite popular and necessary in many areas of the Desert Southwest due to a lack of natural resources. This is why most Xeriscaping exhibits Southwest landscaping styles and plants.

However, xeriscape methods and principles can be applied to almost any design style. To understand this better, see: Principles of Xeriscape Design and Xeriscaping. I've outlined the major points of this design method in detail.

While xeriscape principles are associated mainly with the Southwest Design style, Xeriscapes don't have to look like Desert Landscaping of just rocks and cactus. As I stated before, the methods can be applied to almost any design style as a way of grouping plants and conserving natural resources. It can really be quite beautiful when the principles are understood.

To help you more how the principles are applied to actual landscapes, you can view several of my own Southwest Desert Designs at: Xeriscaping Design Ideas. You may even get some design ideas from these pages. Just keep in mind, that even though my Xeriscapes are Southwest Desert Landscapes, the methods and principles can be applied to other styles.


Xeriscaping Plans

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