Decorating Gardens With Pots And Planters

If you are going to decorate your garden or landscape with a lot of pots and planters like this, keep in mind that it will take a bit more work to take care of than garden plants planted directly into the ground. Unless automated, watering and fertilizing all the pots can take up a large amount of time. Changing soil in the pots periodically can also be quite a chore. While some courtyards and patios may require you to use plants in pots because of a lack of planting beds, you may want to give second thought to using them if you don't have to.

I would like to point out the diversity of pots in this garden design and how there is no continuity or unity created with this element. Having several of the same pot placed throughout the garden could help unify the garden. Even combining the pots into groups could help create some type of unity.

decorative garden pots and planters

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