Decorative Japanese Musical Instruments

Musical instruments aren't generally common garden decor items. However, in this case, the type of instrument helps create the atmosphere of this Japanese garden. So to help relate a garden or landscape to a specific geographic location, elements such as musical instruments that are unmistakably from that region can be used in your plans or garden as decoration and accent.

Another application for musical instruments as garden decor would be for the musician, music entheusiast, or fan. I have seen a few examples of swimming pool landscapes in the shape of guitars and pianos so the idea of some other types of musical expression could be a consideration for a garden theme or simple decoration idea.

And of course, any permanent placement of a musical instrument as a piece of decor would be best in a smaller garden, indoor garden room, or sheltered patio area where the weather elements would have less direct contact with the instrument.

japanese musical garden decor

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