Natural Flagstone Garden Path Idea

When I say "natural flagstone" garden path, I'm refering to the stuff you can go out and pick up yourself. In my area, we're able to pick up stone on either private land or get permitted for public lands.

Economically, creating a garden path or walkway out of natural flagstones isn't always the way to go. It can be very time consuming, labor intense, and requires a truck or trailer. Purchased stone is fairly inexpensive and can generally be delivered right to your location. We tend to use natural flag more for the atmosphere it creates in the garden rather than any savings.

Natural or purchased, a flagstone walkway like this is very easy to create. There is no cutting, borders, or concrete mortar joints. Dig it out, lay a base, level it, place the stone, place base or soil in mortar joints, and brush it off. See this xeriscaped backyard for one of our own project examples.

natural flagstone garden path

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