Butterfly Gardens

Pictures of butterfly garden designs, plans, and planting ideas

Typically, the butterfly garden is more about the right plants than design. And while you'll find some plans and pictures of butterfly gardens in this directory, you'll discover even more examples and ideas on plant combinations and how to attract butterflies to your yard.

This style can be incorporated into almost any existing yard, garden, or landscape. The most important aspect being to provide nectar as food. Shelter and protection from the elements will also help keep them around.

Through the links here you'll discover more about the mechanics and planting tips for butterfly garden design. For design styles and ideas you can also look through photos of the other styles in this directory and in my own directory of designs.

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Butterfly Gardens Virtual Tour

Design Ideas

Butterfly Shaped Garden

How To Attract Butterflies

Butterfly Gardening Guide

Planting Ideas

A Corner Planting Plan

Butterfly Herb Garden

Gallery Of Butterfly Pictures

Butterfly Garden Picture

Nectar Plants List

A Design Plan

Fall Butterfly Gardening

Butterfly Conservation

Another Design Plan

Gardening for Butterflies

How To Make Butterfly Gardens

Larval Plant Food

Monarch Host Plants

Nectar Source Plants

Creating A Garden

How To Create a Butterfly Garden

Creating A Garden

Pictures Of Butterfly Gardens

A Planting Plan

Gardening In Containers

A Few Photos

Butterfly Garden Plan

A Butterfly Garden Picture


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