Backyard Garden Ponds & Water Gardens

Pictures of designs, planting ideas, and how to build a pond or water garden

There are several pages of pond design and water garden pictures in this directory with links to hundreds of sites with great ideas. There are also several links to free resources on how to build a pond or water garden. For onsite instructions see my page at How To Design And Build A Pond, Water Gaden, or Waterfall.

Also, as an addition to this gallery, there are several more examples to get ideas from at the new gallery of pond and water garden photos.

Don't forget to take in my own gallery of ideas for more landscaping and garden photos design tips.

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Water Features Of Texas

A Few Waterfall Photos

Arizona Design Projects

Large Koi Pond Gallery

A Backyard Pond Garden

Pond and Water Feature

Pond Ideas And Pics

Pool, Ponds, and Waterfalls

How To Build A Backyard Garden Pond

How To Build A Water Garden

Waterfall Pond Pictures

Werners Ponds

Pond Design Do It Yourself


Water Garden Pictures Portfolio

Pond Galleries

Waterfall Photos

Steve's Pond

How To Build A Bridge

How To Build A Waterfall

Koi Pond Info And Photos

Water Garden Showcase

Streams And Falls

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