Big Yard Swimming Pool Pictures

While we have some good pictures of this, somehow the design for this project got lost. So I'll just have to explain what went into landscaping around this swimming pool the best I can.

While there are several elements and factors in this project, the most dominant factor in this backyard landscape is the brick walkway. It entirely encircles the pool and connects every entrance into the yard. The entrances and areas include the alley, left side gate, right side gate, pool equipment room, back door, and covered sitting area. Most of our designs aren't as elaborate as this one which uses over 7,000 bricks.

With such a large yard, combined with having never done any designs around swimming pools, I was a bit stumped at first for this design. It not only had to look good but had to perform function and purpose. Focusing on purpose is what finally created this landscape.

O.K., so what do I mean by "focusing on purpose"?

There were two purposes to this backyard. To eliminate so much lawn area and to create walkways and paths to and from all access areas in the yard. I could do both at once by cutting out strips of lawn and connecting all areas by walkways. Once these paths and necessary purposes were laid down, the entire landscape design fell into place. I simply had to just plant around it.

Planting Around Pools

When planting around pools, give the plants you'll use some consideration and careful study. It's preferable to use plants that won't drop a lot of leaves and debris into or around the pool. As shown in these pictures of this pool, the plants we used here are of a semi evergreen nature. Most won't loose their leaves unless there is an extreme freeze.

brick paver yard path leading to swimming pool

flower bed planting ideas for around a swimming pool

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