Mediterranean Front Yard Lawn Design Shape

Tips And Ideas For Front Lawns And Designs In Mediterranean Landscapes

This picture gives a view of part of the lawn shape and shows the view from the home looking toward the street. From this view, The height of the Feather Reed Grass helps to define the boundaries of the walkway and the front yard of the home.

The lawn type here is a hybrid Bermuda grass. While this landscaper would advise not to use such an aggressive turf grass in areas with so many surrounding flower beds, sometimes we just do as we're told. A better lawn grass type would be a drought tollerant Hybrid Fescue as it doesn't find its way into the flower beds as easily.

Mediterranean Front Yard Lawn Ideas
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View From The Street
Front Retaining Wall And Lawn Area
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Plants In This Photo

  • Ornamental Grass is Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass
  • Pink Verbena
  • Agave Americana
  • Rosemary
  • Dwarf Mock Orange
  • Coreopsis

Choosing the right plants in front yard landscaping can sometimes be a little different than for the backyard. In the front we concentrate more on curb appeal, framing and accenting the home, and creating boundaries with plants. In the backyard, the lawn and plants might concentrate more on framing individual areas, creating solitude, and hiding unwanted areas.

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