Xeriscape Low Water Use Lawn

Some good ideas for xeriscaping with lawns that use very little water

While this lawn area is newly planted and yet to grow in, we wanted to show and explain the xeriscaping principles that apply to it. As well as the dry stack wall, what this picture shows is what will soon be a Buffalo and Blue Gramma grass lawn. Both grasses are ornamental, low water use, and low maintenance.

We're doing some experimenting with this type of lawn. We've even put it in a few front yards but haven't used it in the back. In this combination it's intended to be natural and ornamental and shouldn't require much mowing if any at all. However, if you remove the Blue Gramma from the mix, the Buffalo Grass can make a wonderful drought tolerant lawn.

Another element we created for atmosphere and purpose in this southwest design is the fake dry river bed. This one isn't purely cosmetic. The rock is actually very thick and will hold excess water. It is under lain with professional landscape fabric and not plastic so it will drain into the ground.

buffalo grass, blue gramma grass, and wild flower xeriscape lawn

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Drystack Wall & Plants
Flagstone Path & Blue Flax
Retaining Wall & Fake Dry River Bed

Xeriscaping Plants In This Plan

  • Coreopsis - Lawn and Flower Bed
  • Red Tip Yucca
  • Texas Sage
  • Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass
  • Desert Willow - Tree
  • Blue Gramma - Ornamental Lawn Grass
  • Hybrid Buffalo Grass - Lawn
  • Blue Flax - Lawn

One more thing about this picture. You can see in the lawn area of this xeriscaping idea that there are flowering plants planted in with the lawn grass. They are also low water use and will help create a very wild naturalized look as it grows in.

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