Xeriscape Raised Garden Bed

While all the plants in this raised garden bed are xeric and zoned for our area, they're not the only thing that makes this design a xeriscape design. Xeriscaping isn't just about what plants you use.

In this picture you can see the existing slope, retaining walls, terracing, and get an idea of what the slope use to be. There is still a slope. However, with terracing, we've created somewhat more level areas for the landscape plants. When watering hillsides and slopes, terracing will make sure that water will saturate the root areas and not just runoff down the hill. Addressing slope, drainage, and run off are considerations and principles of xeriscaping.

raised retaining wall planter

To view more about this design, see circular driveway on a slope.

Xeriscape Plants In These Planters

  • Diascia (red)
  • Gold Lantana
  • Verbena (purple)
  • Chitalpa (small tree)
  • Texas Sage
  • Red Tip Yucca - Hesperaloe

Grouping plants with the same water needs is another consideration for xeriscaping. In this design, instead of grouping the plants together, we've configured the drip sprinkler system under the decorative rock to water the plants accordingly.

The main line of the drip system is half inch poly tube positioned over the planted beds. The feeders for each individual plant are metered lock cap emitters set for 1, 2, and 4 gallons per hour.

Most of the plants have one-2 gallon per hour emitter. The Red Tip Yucca has one-1 gallon per hour emitter. And the Chitalpa tree has two-4 gallon per hour emitters. So, even being on the same feeder watered for the same amount of time, the different plants are "grouped" accordingly to their water needs.

You may also want to see landscaping on a slope or hillside for several more examples of retaining walls, raised planters, and xeriscaping ideas from other designers.


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