Front Entry Xeriscape Design

Design tips and ideas for landscaping the front door entry of a circular driveway

The small retaining wall in the front entry landscape is more for visual design purposes than for retaining a slope or grade.

There really is no grade in this small area. However, in this entryway as well as the rest of the landscape, the retaining wall is more than just a functional hardscape for retaining the hillside landscape. It's also a unifying element that helps tie all the areas of the landscaping together. While it's certainly not the only way to design, you will notice a lot of repetition in our own ideas.

front door entryway landscape

More about this design at front yard circular driveway on a slope.

Plants Used In This Entryway Planting Bed

  • Diascia (red)
  • Verbena (purple)
  • Gray Leaf Cottoneaster - (shrub next to wall)
  • Red Tip Yucca - Hesperaloe

Another design aspect in this view is how the two retaining walls on either side of the walkway are in perfect line with each other. If you refer back to the original design plan, you can see this clearly from a top view.

We do this a lot in designs to help tie two areas together. It works especially well in landscaping ideas where you have one small secluded area that you can't figure out what to do with. Just as we did in this front door entry landscape, it just helps it fit.


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