Desert Xeriscaping Planting Ideas

From this angle of the design, you can see how much this front yard driveway is sloped as well as how level the planting area is.

As well as being good design principles for this desert landscape as well as all design styles, level terraced planting areas are used in xeriscaping principles as necessary design elements. Creating level planting areas helps water saturate into the root zone and prevents it from running off down the hill.

level desert xeriscaping planting beds

See this design plan with photos at xeriscape circular driveway on a slope

Plants Used In This Level Planting Bed

  • Diascia (red)
  • Gold Lantana
  • Verbena (purple)
  • Mexican Elder - Two Small Trees
  • Red Tip Yucca - Cactus In Front
  • Lavender
  • Feather Reed Grass - Karl Foerster

As I pointed out earlier in a different slide, the top of your retaining wall ideas should be level with the world while the bottom footing and blocks should follow the level of the property. So many times I see this with home owner and even some professional jobs where the entire wall follows the slope of the property.

Another point and defining aspect of this landscape design is the use of different types of ground cover rocks. Along with creating definition and separation, they also add different textures to the design. Along with the plants used in these planting ideas, a desert southwest atmosphere is also created by the types of rock we used here. Natural desert and earth tones are a perfect match for xeriscaping and desert landscape designs.


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