Italian Courtyard

Ideas to inspire the atmosphere of Italy to courtyards and patio designs

Except for a few plants and a little grow time, this Italian courtyard garden design is finished.

The layout and plan you see here is incomplete and doesn't reflect an Italian atmosphere on its own. Specifics like plants, ground covers, and other hardscaping materials in the pictures below will give you a better vision of the look of Italy that we're trying to create in the garden.

We were actually a bit behind on this phase of the project and this drawing was completed while the courtyard walls were being placed. In other words, we didn't have any exact plans or ideas until we drew it on the ground. Then we drew the basic design shape that you see here.

Deciding on which areas of the garden would be planting beds and which would be paving floor area was first a consideration of access. With so many entry points, this courtyard naturally has convenient access to all areas leading in and out of the area. You shouldn't have to walk too far to get around any area.

The Floor Plans

italian courtyard plan

Considerations for some of the plants were size and growth habits. To help create an Italian atmosphere in the courtyard, we wanted some climbing vines. So bed areas were created at the base of pillars and corners for them to be planted in. One of the best plantings for the entire garden is the mature Red Oak. However, it needed as much room as possible to create its canopy and contribution to the Italian courtyard so it went directly in the center.

Building The Courtyard Patio

Screeding for the paver ploor
Paving Prep
courtyard floor paving border
Paver Floor Border
Red Oak Tree
Red Oak
courtyard planting ideas
Courtyard Plants
italian stone pillars
Italian Stone Pillars
Outdoor Patio Fireplace
Outdoor Fireplace
italian wall fountain ideas
Italian Wall Fountain
tuscan style patio
Tuscan Patio
custom built courtyard gate
Courtyard Gate
Patio Center planting bed
Patio Center
Planting Beds
Planting Beds
stone entry arch
Stone Arch
Flower Bed shape idea
Flower Beds
Decorative Concrete courtyard floor
Courtyard Floor


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