Bark Mulch And Landscape Fabric Front Yard Flower Beds

In this picture of the front yard we're starting to cover the planting beds with landscaping fabric and bark mulch right after the concrete curbs have been poured, the forms removed, and the bubbler system is in place. See how to install landscape fabric for pointers on properly installing weed barrier.

From this angle of the front yard, you can get a good view of the planting bed shape. You can also see how this shape gives the lower lawn area a unique shape. And how it works with the stamped decorative concrete sidewalk to create a unique flower bed shape.

landscape fabric and bark mulch in the front planting beds

Something most folks don't realize when they see a lawn with a really cool shape is that the shape of the lawn is often a result of the shape of the flower beds and other areas. As I've said before, laying out all the other elements like driveways, sidewalks and walkways can often create most of the shape of the landscape design. And as with this front yard, these large flower beds with the bark mulch and landscape fabric also create the majority of this lawn shape.


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