Italian Front Yard Lawn Design Idea

Besides absolute finished and getting paid, getting to this point where the front lawn and everything is in place is one of my favorite parts of the project. When it all starts to come together and you can start to see the vision. Of course, there is still a bit left to do here in the front but for the most part with the lawn planted and growing, it's in its final form.

If you look to the far end you'll see we have left that area with the lawn unplanted and the sprinklers turned off. This is because we still have a lot of work to do in the backyard. Generally, we would work our way out and finish the front last. However, this yard had to be done different. The bare area at the far end will be the final project and the lawn grass will be planted as we work our way out of the backyard into that area of the front yard.

italian front yard landscape design lawn


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