Front Yard Design Shape

Ideas for creating lawn and planter shape in front yard landscapes

Creating this front yard shape, as you can see in the front yard design plan, is designed on an angle from the street rather than square with the home and street. Following the shape of the entryway sidewalk, the flower beds take shape. Adding a little more curve for the trees and bedding plants, the lawn area has a totally unique shape.

As I've pointed out in this front yard landscape as well as other designs, designing the necessary elements such as walkways and driveway designs first, then the planting beds, a lot of the lawn and design will take shape around them.

curved shape concrete landscape curbing ideas

All elements and textures work together to create an atmosphere. The bark on the Red Oaks, the solid definition of the concrete borders, the green in the background, the boulders, and the texture and color of the bark create contrasts and compliments of an Italian countryside. Of course, the style and shape of the home itself, sets a big part of the atmosphere.

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