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Written by Steve Boulden
Owner of S&S Designed Landscaping,LLC

Welcome to this Pre-Springtime issue of your landscape design and gardening newsletter.

This issue is actually an upgraded resend of an earlier broadcast that got messed up. If you got the earlier version, this one has even more great stuff added to it. So keep reading.

In this issue we have a new design lesson, a little bit of my own garden wisdom, and a few worthy changes to the site.

My intention is to make The Landscape Design Site the only place that you'll need to go for landscaping and garden design information. There's a lot that needs to be done to make this so. However, I think we have a great start.

Read on.....

Steve Boulden,
S&S Design


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Spring Freeze - Saving My Peach Tree Blossoms

In most parts of the country it's still dead of Winter. However, in a few spots like here, the warming weather starts to play tricks on Spring budding trees and plants. They think it's time to wake up when it's not quite safe to.

I have an old Peach Tree in my front yard that produces the most wonderful almost softball size peaches. And up until a few years ago, I rerely got the opportunity to see one make it past the blossom stage.

As sure as the first warm days would wake the old tree up in a display of absolute pink, so surely would a Springtime freeze bring it to an end.

And then one day a few Springs back, I had a great idea. Now, whether I heard it, read it, or saw it, I don't remember. So I just say that I had a great idea.

It was a little overdue but still quite fortunate that I picked those first warm Spring days to take down and put up the Christmas lights. Because as I held those lights in my hands and looked over at that beautiful pink tree just coming into its glory, a light bulb turned on in my head.

From then on I've been able to get the majority of my blossoms to the point of battling birds and June bugs. But that's another article.

While I am more comfortable to grow more fruit trees now, I can say that this is a good method for me because I do only have a few trees. I'm not sure how practical, cost effective, or easy it would be to string Christmas lights in a whole bunch of trees.

I'm sure there are other ways. I just thought I would share this with you. If you do ever use this method, use the old fashioned base type bulbs. They put off more heat.

Landscaping Resource And Project Directory

When I first created this site, I intended to just throw on a few of my designs and write a few words. It was mainly to be a FAQ for all the diy questions that I get in my offline company.

As I've tried to make this a one stop landscaping site and put it all into words and pictures, I guess I never gave it much thought as to how many words that might be.

As I was writing a few pages on building ponds and such, it occurred to me that it would be next to impossible for me to create plans and designs for every aspect of garden and landscaping. After all, this site really is just a one man show.

The list of projects that you might need to create your landscape is practically endless. We have arbors, trellises, gazebos, ponds, walls, bridges, gates, obelisks, putting greens, and on and on. Writing all this would leave me no time to create lessons and designs.

So, in keeping with the nature of this site, I went on a mission to find as many of the no c-o-s-t already made project plans that I could and put them into one directory.

There's still a lot to add but I think you'll find a lot of stuff that you can use now. Take what you can.

It's all yours:

Free backyard Project Plans

Landscaping Lesson - Landscape Idea For A Corner Lot

While I do have a lot of other designs to share with you, I chose this one for this issue simply because it's next on our list of projects.

You can see it and read all the what, why, and how about it onlie at:

Curb Appeal - Corner Lot Design

If you get stuck on your planting scheme, see Pre planned gardens - Plans for creative and economical ways to use pre planned garden designs in your landscaping project.


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