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A Little Help With Plant Selection
While my plant selection and database pages have a lot of great guidelines and information on choosing the right plants, some folks still can't quite get it. You can see those two pages at:

Garden Plants

So..., If you're just a little horticulturally or color challenged, I say we might just have to cheat a little bit.

While my landscape contractors pride made me stay away from store bought pre-planned gardens for a long time, I have to admit they have come to my rescue a time or two. We'll keep that between us since some folks think I'm a planting genius.

Anyway....., I've had a lot of DIY clients have really good results using them. The finished results have all looked really professional to me.

If you find this is the way you need to go, check out the suppliers that I mention in the following article at:

Pre Planned Garden Designs

Detergent In The Garden???

In one of my very first issues I wrote about using laundry or dish washing detergent as a surfactant for insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and such.

Since then I've found a few more garden and landscaping uses for ordinary household detergent. Read about it here:

Garden Tips - Uses For Detergent In The Garden

The Garden Decor Store

Ever heard of a place called "Design Toscano"? Most folks haven't. It is without a doubt one of my favorite places to shop for decor, statues, and such. Not only because of price, but because they have such cool stuff.

Before Toscano had a website and before I had a computer, I was ordering through them mail order. A great site worth checking out. Check them out here:

Design Toscano


That's all for this issue.

While you're waiting for next issue, you can check out the new software reviews at Landscape Design Software Reviews. I'll be adding more to it as I find time to review more software.

Steve Boulden
S&S Designed Landscaping,LLC

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