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Xeriscaping - One Principle Applies To All Gardening

Xeriscaping - Pronounced zee - ri - scape - ing
Not zero scaping.

While the principles of xeriscaping generally apply to low water use water wise gardening and landscaping, at least one principle can be applied in all gardening situations.

The proper grouping of plants according to their individual water requirements is not only a good idea for conserving natural resources but is also very important to the overall health of plants. Too much or too little water can keep plants from growing and producing to their full potential.

One reason is that nutrient uptake is effected by the amount of moisture in the soil. Nitrogen for instance is taken up more readily when the soil is wet. And just how wet the soil needs to be is determined by the specific nature of individual plants.

So knowing a little bit about the plants you use is important. You can find plenty of resources and information on plants at the following links:

Plant Databases
Plant Encyclopedias
Garden Planting Ideas

Another reason is that different plants have different requirements for the amount of oxygen and air they need around their root systems.

Some plants such as bog plants are just fine if their root systems never dry out but will suffer if they do. And some plants require that the soil dry out in order to get some air and oxygen around the root systems. They need it to survive and produce properly.

You see, water and air displace each other in the soil. While it may not seem possible for air to get in between the tiny dirt particles down in the soil, it does (or should if your soil is correct) when the soil dries out.

And in turn, water pushes the air out of the way when it is applied.

So the point to everything I just said is this - If you want your plants to grow, be healthy, and produce to their full potential, you should group plants that like a lot of water with other plants that like a lot of water and vise versa.

You can read more about this and other principles of xeriscaping at: Xeriscaping Plans

Newest Additions To The Site

The new additions may or may not pertain to you. In that case you can just ignore this update and expect the next issue to be out within the next two weeks.

The newest additions?


Even though the landscape design site is a site for do it yourselfers, I still get a lot of requests to either create landscapes and designs or to recommend a good contractor in other areas of the country.

However, being the small operation that my company is, I don't have time to do more than local designs and until now I didn't have a clue about designers and contractors in other parts of the country.

So what I've done is sought out and teamed up with a company that pre screens certified and bonded landscape design professionals in other areas of the country that are willing to consult with you and give you a q - u - o - t - e for their services.

This company does this as a f - r - e - e service. And you can also describe your budget when you're filling out the application form. Getting the right contractor is only half of it. Getting v - a - l - u - e is just as important.

Like I said {FIRSTNAME}, this may or may not be something that even applies to you.

However, it still may be worth looking into as getting a professional may not be as c - o - s - t - l - y as you might expect. It's something that's worth knowing in case you're still stumped after going through all the diy information on my site.

You can find the new page on my site at:
Contractor Companies

The second addition.....

Is basically the same thing except for being in the area of home improvement or basically anything construction.

I realize that you and other subscribers may also be planning other home improvement projects besides landscaping. So I thought that this may be a great service as well.

You can get a q - u - o - t - e on other home improvement projects from building sunrooms and decks to building custom homes to waterproofing or window installation to almost anything construction. You can check out this service at:

Landscape Contractor Quotes

What makes both of these services so good is that folks will be competing to make you their client. And that means you'll be getting a better deal than if your choices are just hometown.

I hope you find these new services helpful.


If you missed the lesson in the last issue, you can see it at:
Curb Appeal

Also, you can see all the examples, lessons, and plans that are online at:
Free Designs And Plans Gallery


That's all for this issue.

Steve Boulden
S&S Designed Landscaping,LLC

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