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Welcome to another great issue of your landscape design and gardening newsletter.

I'm proud to say that this publication now goes out to over 12,000 loyal subscribers. Many of whom have been with me since the beginning. I guess that says a lot for the quality of content that I try to deliver.

There's an old saying that states, "you can have everything in life that you want if you just help enough people get what they want". I'm finding that to be so true. Anyway.....

Autumn is coming on quickly. I know that a lot of folks are puting their landscaping and gardening ventures aside until Spring. But not here in the Desert Southwest. Projects are actually starting to pick up as the weather cools off.

However, if you're in an area that's getting ready to hibernate for the Winter, just keep these lessons handy until Spring fever hits. There's some good stuff in here.

This issue I'm going to share with you the largest estate design I've ever created. And while most folks don't have a yard of this size, there are a lot of different design plans that can be discovered from just this one creation.

And as usual, I'll share some of my other amazing gardening wisdom, new additions, and other stuff.

So let's get going.

Steve Boulden,
S&S Design



  • Landscaping Lesson - A Large Estate
  • Teaching The Pup To Poop In The House - This Is Cute
  • Xeriscaping - One Principle Applies To All Gardening
  • Newest Additions To The Site

Landscaping Lesson - A Very Large Estate

Since this design is so large I'm going to first show you the entire layout and then break down the backyard and pool area into different sections. This way I can explain the theory and reason behind each section in more detail.

I'll explain most of the design on the first screen but there's just too much to explain and get a visual on one page.

The first picture is too large to fit on most computer screens so you'll probably have to scroll to get a look at it all.

You can see this landscaping lesson at:
Large Estate Landscaping Lesson

Teaching The Pup To Poop In The House

We just finished a design project for a client that required seed planting the lawn area in the backyard where her dogs normally had the freedom to run and carry out their daily duties.

However, the newly planted lawn created a problem for the client as she couldn't allow the dogs to run freely all day while she was at work. Until the lawn is fairly established, they would naturally but unintentionally tear up our work.

The solution? Oh, you gotta see this. It's an indoor dog potty and puppy training system that can come in handy in a lot of different situations. Here's the link:
Teach The Pup

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  • Xeriscaping - One Principle Applies To All Gardening
  • Newest Additions To The Site



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