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06-05-03 Issue#302
Written by Steve Boulden
Owner of S&S Designed Landscaping,LLC

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  • Landscape Tips - Creating a radius point
  • Garden Tips - Proper watering
  • And Another Thing - Tankless Water Heaters

LANDSCAPE TIPS - Creating a radius point

On our last project, our client was very taken by the method we used to create radius in her landscape. Actually, I think she was more intrigued by it's simplicity.

So I figured that this may be of interest to you as well and may be something that you can use in your design work.

If you're designing on paper or computer screen, it's important to use exact scale such as 1 inch equals 8 feet or whatever. And it's also important to use fixed radius when using circles and curves in your design.

Design can and should be flexible. However, having fixed starting points can save a lot of guess work and messed up projects. From a landscapers point of view, there's no difference in home and landscape designs. You need a good blueprint.

But how do you get those circles and curves in your design from the paper to the ground in exactly the same place, shape, and size?

First, we design on paper or screen using a compass or radius tool and keep track of exact distances and points. This will be our reference when we get outside.

Once we're outside, we'll construct a large, simple compass using a pivot point (screwdriver or stake), a string, and a marking tool.

The rest of this example is online since we have some photos and diagrams to explain the detail. Please be patient while this page loads. Go to:

Creating Radius Points In Landscaping

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  • Garden Tips - Proper watering
  • Tankless Water Heaters

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