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Landscape Design and Gardening Newsletter
07-20-03 Issue#302
Written by Steve Boulden
Owner of S&S Designed Landscaping,LLC

Welcome to another great issue of your landscape design and gardening newsletter.

Normally, by this time of year, most of us have lost our spring enthusiasm and are ready to get out of the yard and on to some cooler weather.

However, this year has been different. We're still getting a lot of questions, more subscribes than we've ever had, and our offline company is still swamped.

I just want to say thanks and as long you need us, we'll be helping you get it done one tip and trick at a time.

I hope you find this issue useful.



  • Landscape Tips - Creating Contrast In Landscape Design
  • Win The War Against Mosquitoes
  • Cheap Landscape And Garden Books
  • Garden Tips - Surfactants Save Time And Money

LANDSCAPE TIPS - Creating Contrast In Landscape Design

Great landscape design is generally a combination of certain elements and principles that form the whole creation.

Some of these elements and principles are so subtle or overlooked that most people aren't even aware that they can be recreated in their own gardens and landscapes.

Contrast is one of them.

Creating contrast is an easy and effective way to add elements of interest to your landscape or garden. In its simplest form, contrast is what makes certain elements stand out from the rest or become focal points.

Usually, when we think of contrast in the landscape, we think in terms of color. Color is only one of the possibilities. Size, shape, texture, and leaf texture, can be added to the list.

In natures landscapes, what usually catches our eye first is contrast.

A majestic out crop of rock in a large meadow or forest gets everyone's attention. So an out crop of rock in a lawn, garden, or hillside would also be a contrast of soft and hard elements that would add appeal.

A vast field of white wild flowers peppered with an occasional shot of orange, purple, red, or whatever would stand out. The same principle would work in your own garden with a multitude of color combinations.

A large forest of Ponderosa or Mondale pines with a single Blue Spruce standing in them? Now that would add spice to an otherwise dull stand of pines in the corner of your garden.

Now, take this last example. It creates contrast in several different ways. Size, texture, needle texture, and...color.

There are many other ways of creating contrast in landscape design.

The leaf texture of Ferns against a sea of Hostas or Caladiums has a very nice feel.

A hard sculpture of stone, metal, or wood against a soft flowing garden display would create a focal point due to the contrast.

You get the picture.

The trick to using contrast successfully, is to not use too much. A single statue among a backdrop of Ivy would be contrast. A statue on every corner or under every bush would no longer be contrast. It might even be clutter.

Now as far as color goes, your possibilities are endless. The simplest way of using color is by creating opposites. colors directly across from each other on a color wheel are opposites. You can see a color wheel at:
Planting Ideas

Now that you have an idea of what contrast is and how to use it, you can use your own imagination and ideas to come up with something like the examples above.

Also, keep an eye on nature and copy what she does.

Keep it simple and don't use too many elements in one area or too many competing elements throughout the entire landscape.


Our gardens and landscapes are meant to be enjoyed. However, mosquitoes and other pests can make our evening by the pond anything but enjoyable. And mosquitoes are more than just pests anymore. They're dangerous.

If you like spending time outdoors and are plagued by this problem, you may be glad to know that there are some fairly new products that actually attract and trap mosquitoes on a large scale.

I'm not sure how they work. All I know is that I have one client that uses one and it really does work.

You can check out the SkeeterVac at:
Skeeter Vac

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  • Garden Tips - Surfactants Save Time And Money


Steve Boulden
S&S Designed Landscaping,LLC

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