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If I discover just one landscape tip or trick from a book, then that book was worth the price I paid for it. And usually most of us learn more than one thing from a single book.

I have hundreds of books and magazines filled with Design styles pictures that I get ideas from. Some rarely leave the shelf and some never leave my desk.

You can expand your own skills and ideas by picking up every home garden magazine and used book you can find.

Another resource I use to get piles of inexpensive books is close-out books. Some as cheap as $1.99

If you're interested in expanding your own resource library, you can do it in a smart way. Check out book close-outs at the links below.

GARDEN TIPS - Help Your Perennials
Around here it's still a little early to be thinking about winter garden chores. However, I did answer a question this week that made me realize that some people reading this are thinking about it already.

So, since winter is inevitable for most of us, I thought I'd share this with you.

When is the best time to divide perennials and how do you do it?

Perennials get a lot out of division. Even if you don't want new plants, you should divide them every few years and give them some new soil. This fresh "new" start usually results in stronger, better blooming plants.

The best time to divide perennials is during their dormant season. Some can be gently pulled apart and some need to be cut. Just make sure that each division has enough roots to sustain growth.

You may need to gently wash the root clusters to see better where to cut.

It's that simple.

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