Using Wood Decking For A Patio Floor

Wood decks and flooring is usually placed as a matter of necessity to the design on balconies, around swimming pools, and other such applications. However, there are times when wood flooring is used on a patio simply as a matter of preference to create the right atmosphere.

Again, worth pointing out too is that the outdoor furniture placed under the trees has a canopy over it and the furniture out in the sun has no cover. Of course the small table and chairs have been placed on the patio to enjoy the sunshine. However, taking advantage of the shade, at least in this small garden, might also have a problem with bird droppings and even falling fruit.

Wood flooring for patios can have a lot of advantages. However, unlike more permanent elements such as brick or stone, scheduled maintenance must be overlooked. Once decay has an opportunity to get a start, replacement rather than repair is generally the only option to get a wood deck floor back to a like new state.

wood floor deck patio and furniture ideas

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