Recessed And Sunken Patio Design Idea

Generally, a recessed or sunken patio is created because of specific property challenges such as slope or space. A good example is one that we created at sunken backyard patio, is an old swimming pool that nobody was using in a cramped small backyard. Even though it's a rare example, it made usable space out of wasted space.

Even placed into the side of a hill with open sides, this design is considered recessed or sunken into the ground. If challenged with a slope or hillside, a patio design like this would be a good consideration.

As with all landscaping, and especially in a recessed or terraced piece of land, drainage is a main consideration in your landscape designs. It's one of those underlying elements in a design that isn't seen. Proper drainage for patios and courtyards and especially in a garden like this sunken patio design is not something that you want to think of as an after thought when the area is flooded or washed away.

Sunken Patio Design ideas

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