Backyard Patio Pictures Gallery

These pictures of patio designs are of some of the most inspiring and unique patio ideas in the entire collection. From larger landscaping to small intimate gardens, the shapes and placements will spark ideas that you can use as your own in any size of landscape or garden design.

If design shape of patios, placement, plantings, furniture, and decor are all looked at separately, you'll see the simplicity in the way that most patios are designed and put together. Most landscaping and garden design ideas are the same. Just a lot of different smaller elements and ideas put together to create a whole picture. Of course a vision, theme, and plan are helpful as well.

small bistro patio
Small Bistro Patio
backyard patio
Backyard Patio
backyard ideas
Backyard Ideas
lawn patio
Lawn Patio Idea
patio on a slope
Patio On A Slope
modular patio design
Modular Design
square modular patio
Modular Patios
square backyard patio
Square Backyard
nicely furnished
Nicely Furnished
wood deck patio
Wood Deck Patio
privacy patio
Privacy Patio
covered patio idea
Covered Patio Idea
terrace patio
Terrace Patio
pool patio
Pool Patio
courtyard patio
Courtyard Patio
small sitting area
Small Sitting Area
all stone
All Stone
round tile patio
Round Tile Patio
terrace patio
Terrace Patio
design colors
Design Colors
plastic patio
Plastic Patio
for entertaining
For Entertaining
shady garden
Shady Garden
balcony patio
Balcony Patio
decorative concrete
Decorative Concrete

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