Decorative Lattice Wall Patio Divider Idea

small patio with lattice privacy walls

The lattice divider behind these plantings may just be the ticket for a patio that doesn't have any privacy, boundaries, or that simply has unsightly walls or a view that need to be screened. And while creating a nice contrast with the plantings, it can also be a good support for vines and other large plants.

While it's not necessarily a permanent element or piece of decor, did you happen to notice the white tea set on the table? It's actually the most dominant and visible color in the design. The color white is often used to create natural focal points in landscape design as well as many forms of art.

All elements combined, this is a very beautiful patio design idea. And along with the lattice walls in the background, privacy can be created in just about any area of almost any backyard that has a small amount of unused space.

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